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Properties in Plymouth


Drakes Island for Sale for £6m

Posted on 14th October 2018 in Uncategorized

Dan McCauley purchased the land for £384,000 in 1995, is looking to sell for £6m. His company Rotolock Holding Limited was granted planning permission for a major development, which would include a spa, restaurant and 25 double and twin bedrooms.

The six-acre former fortress has been used as a religious centre, a prison during the reign of Charles II and, most recently, as an adventure training facility which closed its doors almost 30 years ago.

Mr McCauley’s son, Aidan, said: ‘We want to see the place come back to life. It has to come back to life.’

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Parking Space for Rent

PARKING SPACE available opposite the university next to Cuba from 1st November. Ideal for students or working professionals. 2 minutes walk to the mall. PM me for more information