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Plymouth mortgage-free capital of UK



Plymouth is the mortgage-free capital of the UK, according to a new survey carried out by Which? Mortgage Advisers.

Nearly half of Plymouth residents own their homes without a mortgage, with 44 per cent owning their properties outright

Plymouth also has a higher proportion of over-60 residents, with 22 per cent being aged 60 plus, and this could explain why it has the most outright homeowners.

On the whole, 33 per cent of people living in the UK own their homes outright, compared to 35 per cent who are paying off a mortgage and 31 per cent who rent.

The survey also revealed that the average age of someone who had paid off their mortgage was 51, but that 16 per cent of owners had managed to pay off their loan before that.

Glasgow saw the lowest percentage of outright homeownership, with 24 per cent of residents being mortgage-free.

All Ar’range’d

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Chris Dawson is to Create 6,750 jobs and expand the Range empire from 76 stores to 121 in the next three years.

He has just opened his 76th store in Glasgow of which 1,750 of these jobs will be created in Scotland.

He said: “With stores planned all across the UK, we are excited to be creating so many jobs.

“In under three years we plan to create over 1,750 jobs in Scotland alone, with the remaining 5,000 in England and Wales, totalling 6,750 new jobs.

“We have been working towards opening stores in Scotland for a long time but wanted to make sure the company was structured to support the expansion.

“We have recently opened a huge 750,000sq ft warehouse in Doncaster that will support Scotland temporarily while we look at a specific warehouse in Scotland.

“The Scotland warehouse will bring another 400 jobs”

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Come Dome with Me….

Posted on 14th October 2011 in Plymouth News, Plymouth Property, Uncategorized

Chef, restaurateur, celebrity and author Gary Rhodes is to turn Plymouth’s disused waterfront Dome into a multi-million-pound restaurant, creating 50 jobs.

It will be called Rhodes West, the brasserie, bar and events suite is due to open next summer after being leased from Plymouth City Council.

There’s been a great deal of speculation recently over the potential of the Dome and another top chef investing in the City of Plymouth show’s what great potential it has. There’s also talk of him setting up a cookery school, which is still in the “concept stage”.

As we seem to be starting to come out of this hard period, with restaurants like the Barbican Kitchen, Bistro One and Tanners being very busy on a regular basis, it seems that a slightly different twist on “classic” recipes alongside “unique” dishes, and use of locally-sourced food could complement the quality that already exists in Plymouth.

Gary did mention that he would be in Plymouth on a regular basis as we go through the build and the fit-out programme and start to build our kitchen and front-of-house teams.”

Cllr Vivien Pengelly, leader of Plymouth City Council, said Rhodes West “is exactly the sort of venture we wanted to see in the Dome. It is a key location overlooking our amazing waterfront”.

Sarah O’Leary, Plymouth Waterfront Manager, said: “Rhodes West will be a huge boost for the waterfront.”

Argyle Secure last minute future!

Posted on 26th August 2011 in Plymouth News

Plymouth have secured the funds to avoid a winding-up order, according to the club’s administrator.

The npower League Two club appointed the P&A Partnership as administrators back in March and have since been the subject of numerous failed takeover bids.

But it was confirmed today that Bishop International Limited were close to finalising a deal which would save Argyle. Which has come as a huge relief to the City of Plymouth which has recently lost it’s battle to keep it’s airport open and supporters of the club maintained positive by camping overnight at the stadium to show their support.

A statement on the club’s website said: ‘The joint administrators of Plymouth Argyle Football Company Limited (in administration) are satisfied that Bishop International Limited has secured the necessary funding and everything is agreed between the numerous parties.’

Administrator Brendan Guilfoyle added: ‘This has been a complex deal involving a dozen stakeholders. I am very grateful for the assistance I have received from everyone involved in the sale.

‘I can now look forward to the new club obtaining the share from the Football League and retaining their status as a Football League member club.’

The Football League now have to confirm the takeover.


Newquay Enterprise Zone

Posted on 17th August 2011 in Plymouth News

The government have announced Newquay Airport as a new Enterprize Zone. It’s anticipated that this could create upto 1,000 jobs in the local area and throughout Cornwall.

Ministers said companies that choose to develop at Newquay airport will be able to share tax breaks worth nearly £2.5m.

The Cornish zone bid was led by the Local Enterprise Partnership. One of its board members, Cornwall councillor Lord Teverson, said: “We put in our bid at the end of June. The government made a decision very quickly.

“We’re just one of 11 to be announced across the country. It’s a really good sign that shows it was a quality bid and something that could really work.”

The government said new enterprise zones had been selected “because they have little or no business at present and would therefore act as a catalyst for new growth”.

Other new zones have been announced at sites including Warrington, Gosport, Norfolk, Hereford, Kent and Oxfordshire.

Plans for 21 nationwide zones were originally set out in March’s Budget.