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Oktoberfest at the Treasury

Posted on 2nd October 2014 in Plymouth Events, Uncategorized




If you have even the faintest interest in beer, you’ll know that brew lovers from around the world gather each year in Munich, Germany to celebrate Oktoberfest. The 16-day drink fest that runs through Oct. 5 serves only beers that conform to German purity regulations (the Reinheitsgebot) and which are brewed within the city limits of Munich.

If you aren’t lucky enough to make it to the Bavarian capital, don’t worry, The Treasury in Plymouth will be putting on Oktoberfest on Saturday 4th October from 7pm Black Friday & Retro Gents plus authentic Bavarian band the Hugaal Oompahs!

Some more interesting facts about Oktoberfest to get you in the spirit.

1) Wish Oktoberfest 2014 a very happy 204th birthday. In 1810, the very first Oktoberfest took place in Munich, Germany to honor Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig’s marriage. Today, the 16-day beer festival is still going strong.

2) If you’re wondering how much beer is consumed by the 6 million people that go to Oktoberfest each year –it’s a lot. To be precise, it’s 1.8 million gallons of beer. That’s like filling the legendary King’s Pond pool at the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai in Hawaii with brew.

3) This year, 48,000 members of the baker’s union threatened to strike, inciting fear of a possible pretzel shortage, or as you say in Munich, Riesnbrezn shortage. In the end, the bakers chose to respect the Oktoberfest tradition and are keeping the pretzels flowing.

4) In an effort to keep festival attendees as safe, the Red Cross has set up 15 hangover beds for people, in case they need to sleep off the booze for a while. That doesn’t seem like a lot for the more than 7,000 people that come to the Red Cross tent for treatment each year, but I guess it’s better than none. They’ve also got spare pants, too, just in case you need those too.

5) Each year, over 4,000 items end up in the Oktoberfest lost and found. The weirdest from 2013 was a set of dentures.

6) Beer prices differ in the various tents at Oktoberfest, but a traditional stein, which is slightly less than 34 ounces, will cost you about $13.

7) At Oktoberfest, there’s a lot of standing, as there are fewer seats than there are visitors. The largest Oktoberfest beer tent of all time was the Pschorr-Brau-Rosl-tent in 1913, which held 12,000 people. Today, the Hofbrau-Festhalle is the largest tent, with 10,000 seats. But you better get there early.

8) There is a variety of traditional, hearty fare to be had at Oktoberfest. Offerings include Hendl (roast chicken), Schweinsbraten (roast pork), Haxn (pork knuckle), Steckerlfisch (grilled fish on a stick), Wurstl (sausages), Brezn (pretzel), Knodeln (potato or bread dumplings), Kaasspotzn (cheese noodles), Reiberdatschi (potato pancakes), Sauerkraut or Rotkraut (pickled red cabbage), Obatzda (a fatty, spiced cheese-butter concoction), and Weisswurst (white sausage). So dig in!

Lang and Co Sponsor Plymouth Raiders

Posted on 7th February 2012 in Plymouth Events, Plymouth Property

Lang & Co proud sponsors of BBL Plymouth Raiders joined a full house on Sunday 5th February to watch their team play in the second leg of the BBL Trophy. The match was a special occasion for more than reason, Lang & Co sponsored the event and provided 18 children the opportunity to lead the team & Foxy out on the court in front of the home crowd. Directors Paul Preen & Marc Rees are pictured with the youngsters, Bob Widdecombe and Foxy the team mascot being presented the match ball at the start of the match, and Paul presenting the Man of the match award to Jeremy Bell at the end. The match report can be read below but we urge anyone who hasn’t been to see the team in action please do so as it is excellent entertainment for the whole family.

UCP Marjon Plymouth Raiders reached successive BBL Finals after completing a thrilling escape against Prestige Homes MK Lions in the BBL Trophy as they wiped out a six point deficit from the first leg with just 49 seconds left on the clock before finishing the job in overtime.

It was nail-biting stuff for everyone who witnessed the game in Devon and a real gut-wrenching loss for Lions who threw away a glorious chance of making the Final although much of that was due to the inspirational Jeremy Bell.

Raiders quickly found themselves down by double digits in the tie when Demarius Bolds helped the visitors into an 8-3 lead during the opening stages and it was still an eleven point margin by the end of the first quarter with the Lions 23-18 ahead.

But, it wasn’t long before the home team rallied and the spark was provided by Michael Ojo. The shooter drained one from distance and it was a three-pointer which put Raiders 26-25 ahead after an 8-2 start to the second period.

Things got even better for the ‘Green Army’ when minutes later, the same player scored another basket and Raiders went five points in front and just one point behind in the tie having lost 87-81 in the first leg 48 hours earlier.

However if Raiders fans though their team would simply step on the pedal and pull clear, they were to be mistaken as Lions finished the half strongly with an 11-4 run to head into the locker rooms 43-41 to the good.

When Howard Crawford scored for Lions early in the third quarter, it began looking ominous for the home team and even more so when he made a free-throw to take the visitors 60-54 in front and ten points ahead in the tie.

But, Raiders came storming back and heading into the last period, regained the lead on the night at 64-62. With five minutes remaining of a real roller-coaster game, the pendulum swing back to Lions after a triple by Nuno Pedroso put them 79-75 ahead.

Raiders needed inspiration when with less than a minute to play the game was tied 49-49 and they looked to be crashing out.

Bell was the man who provided it as he firstly made the most of being fouled on a three-point attempt as he punished Lions by making all three free-throws and then, bringing Raiders level in the tie with a deep three-pointer.

It still gave Lions a chance but Pedroso couldn’t make a three-point shot on the last possession although two missed free-throws by Crawford moments earlier in between the heroics of Bell was probably the moment Lions truly blew their opportunity.

As the game went into overtime by virtue of the tie with Raiders 95-89 in front, they never looked back as they stepped up their defence and navigated an edgy last 60 seconds to book their place.

Will the Americas Cup return to Plymouth?

Posted on 19th September 2011 in Plymouth Events

The organisers of the Americas Cup World Series have been delighted with the recent amazing response of the Plymouth public and organisers. Bearing in mind it has been speculated when the Americas Cup first contacted Plymouth, we didn’t pick up the phone and forgot to call them back, however the success was for all to see.

An estimated 100,000 people watched a series of thrilling races on Plymouth Sound between nine high-tech catamarans racing at speeds of 30mph plus. The ORACLE Racing Spithill’s Fleet Racing Championship win punctuated by capsizes and collisions have made this one of the most exciting races.

“Of course we want to come back to Plymouth,” America’s Cup boss Richard Worth said at the end of the nine-day sailing extravaganza.

“The city has exceeded our expectations in terms of the way it has been organised, the number of visitors and the quality of the racing. We have had a great welcome and people have taken real pleasure in the event. There is no reason why you wouldn’t say, ‘Plymouth was great, let’s go back’.

“But in the end it comes down to the nasty business of money.”

He said that “more than a handful” of Plymouth people had asked him, “How do we make this come back to the city?”

“The answer is, Plymouth would need to find millions of pounds – but the return on that would be many times more. What it costs us to stage the event runs into the millions. If we are going to break even we’re going to need to find a way to create a commercial model that generates millions. We could ask the council to pay up, or work with local businesses.”

Despite everyone getting excited, its not just whether they want to come back it’s also if it makes financial sense, to bring them back. It’s ok the Council and local businesses saying it’s great for the city but you don’t get businessmen like the Owner of the Range retail outlet and recent E&Y Entrepreneur of the year for London and the South-West, Chris Dawson making decisions just because it sounds fantastic and that’s why I believe there has to be more scrutiny in making these decisions. Consultations with individuals like him and other successful entrepreneurs need to be considered to maximise the potential of these events, they also want Plymouth to succeed.

It’s also something to consider saying we had 100,000 people watching the America’s Cup but that was an opportunity to upsell all that Plymouth has to offer. Notwithstanding it has definately created a buzz and it has concentrated on Plymouth’s key assets which is normally not the case.

Plymouth University is now set to carry out a study of the economic benefit to the city. Mr Worth said: “It would be a surprise if it was not £10million or more. It has clearly driven up visitor numbers and there are a lot of benefits to the city.

But he did stipulate that Plymouth was in competition with a number of other cities, “It’s a world series, so it has to go around the world, and the world is a big place.”

Other English cities including Southampton, Portsmouth and Liverpool as well as Cowes on the Isle of Wight could be considered. However it’s more likely that other Asian cities will fight for access to the World Series, which started in Cascais, Portugal before coming to Plymouth, which now heads to San Diego in November.

“We are talking to venues in China, the Middle East and Cape Town in South Africa,” he said.

“Plymouth took a real risk by welcoming a new sports property to town before anybody really knew what it was.

“There is no question: Plymouth has helped us to market it. And it’s a two-way street: let’s hope we’ve helped to market Plymouth.”

Plymouth brought a number of challenges to the sailors including sporadic weather and tough sea conditions, which tested the teams to their maximium.

“It has surprised a few people that Plymouth has been able to offer such a range of weather conditions,” Mr Worth said.

“Everyone has been pleased. It isn’t St Tropez, but would St Tropez see 15,000 or 20,000 people out to watch the sailing?

“My view is that sailors need to be tested, and not just in weather that’s nice and warm and sunny.

“Plymouth has given us a bit of pretty much every kind of weather. Nobody wants to see injuries or damage, but you want to see excitement.

“There have been a lot of challenges for the crews in the way the events have unfolded. Teams like China had to make emergency repairs they would have preferred not to have to deal with. But that’s life, and you get the same sort of thing in Formula One racing.”

He first visited Plymouth in March this year with a view of introducing a sailing event.

“Standing by Smeaton’s Tower on the Hoe was enough to convince me that if we were lucky with the weather it would provide a spectacular event.

“We had to reassure the race organisers that it would be OK, and definitely Plymouth has delivered what I expected.

“Plymouth offers just about everything you need, albeit it’s a long way from London. People have to make a conscious decision to travel here.

“The majority of people who have made the effort have been pleasantly surprised.”

“We have a lot of international guests in the city, so that kind of proves the point.”

Plymouth had a number of interesting visitors to the event which included Prince Michael of Kent who was a surprise visitor.

“The Royal visit this week was special. It demonstrates the interest in the event,” Mr Worth said.

When finally asked about the reactions from the teams, he said: “You can describe it in one way – the way they say ‘Plymouth’. Before we came here it used to have a question mark after it, ‘Plymouth?’, but they’ve dropped the question mark. The city has proved itself.”

Plymouth Farmers Market to Return

Posted on 9th September 2011 in Plymouth Events

The popular Plymouth Farmers’ Market is set to return to the city centre on Saturday 17 September. The market, which was previously situated in New George Street in Plymouth’s West End, will be taking place in Armada Way as the first step in re-introducing it to the city’s central thoroughfare.

Plymouth City Centre Company has been in discussion with the traders to decide on the best location for the market to draw in as many customers as possible for them as well as for the surrounding businesses.  Fifteen traders will be taking part in next Saturday’s Farmers’ Market, and the hope is that if it is a success it will be able to return as a fortnightly event.

Clint Jones, Plymouth City Centre Manager said: “The Farmers’ Market is very important to the city as it brings added vibrancy and choice for shoppers. The market didn’t work as well as we hoped at the bottom of New George Street and we have been working closely with the traders to decide on the best way to bring it back. We are confident that the new location in Armada Way will be a success. “There is a fantastic range of excellent quality local produce available right here on our doorstep, and we really want to make the most of that as well as attracting even more local farmers to take part.”

The Famers’ Market will be taking place in Armada Way on Saturday 17 September.

Plymouth City Council Leader Vivien Pengelly added: “Plymouth champions its local farmers and we want to find the best way of showcasing their produce to shoppers. I hope lots of people come to support the Farmers’ Market when it reopens in Armada Way and stock up on some of the delicious, locally produced food and drink on offer.

Boutique Chic – Lifestyle Plymouth

Posted on 30th August 2011 in Plymouth Events, Uncategorized

A fabulous brand new fashion, home and lifestyle event is set to take Plymouth by storm next week.

Lifestyle Plymouth will be a three-day extravaganza, taking place from Friday 2nd to Sunday 4th September, with a programme packed full of shows and demonstrations from leading industry experts.

The event will be held in a marquee on the Plymouth City Centre Piazza, where members of the public will be able to come and find out everything they could ever need to know about fashion, beauty, health and home decorating.

The main stage will play host to a wide range of demonstrations and shows, including hair and beauty tutorials, fashion shows, dance performances, home decorating presentations and much more.

As well as experts from big name brands such as Clinique, Sony, B&Q, Debenhams and Lush taking to the stage, the marquee will also feature stalls from some of the city’s top retailers as well as a big screen to watch all the action on.

Saturday night at Lifestyle Plymouth will be Ladies night, when the women of Plymouth will be entertained with beauty demonstrations, a La Senza fashion show featuring the Plymouth Calendar Girls and a cocktail demonstration and tasting session courtesy of Blush Lounge.

Clint Jones, Plymouth City Centre Manager said: “We’ve had great success in previous years with our fashion and beauty event, Style Plymouth, but this year we wanted to expand to encompass home and lifestyle as well, so there really will be something for everyone. The whole event is completely free and we can guarantee that everyone who comes will walk away having learnt something new – what better way to spend a weekend?”

Highlights of Lifestyle Plymouth will include:

Friday 2nd September

Forever Living  – Aloe Vera products presentation.

Revive Beauty – Younger looking skin, the easy way.

Street Factory – Dance performance

Havannas Specialist Clinic – Scars and Skin Camouflage

Debenhams Beauty Tutorial: Benefit Cosmetics

Lush – Skin Care Demonstration

House of Fraser – Clinique Anti Aging Skin Care


Saturday 3rd September

Teach Old Clothes New Looks by Jessie Coffey

High Street Fashion Show

Debenhams Personal Shopper presentation

Debenhams Kalmora Spa demonstration

La Senza Fashion Show featuring Plymouth Calendar Girls

The Blush Lounge cocktail mixing and taster presentation

Mr. Buns Cupcake Decorating Competition

Prize draw and Finish


Sun 4th September

On stage décor – Inspired Rooms

The Sony Home Experience – The Sony Centre

B&Q – How to purchase your new kitchen, bathroom and bedroom


Cooking up a treat in Plymouth!!!!

Posted on 12th August 2011 in Plymouth Events

Flavour Fest, the South West’s premier food festival is back for 2011, taking over Plymouth City Centre from 19-21 August. 

Now in its 8th year, Flavour Fest has grown to become one of the largest and most successful food festivals in the South West. One of the highlights in Plymouth’s events calendar, the free entry event regularly attracts more than 150,000 visitors to the city. 

Amanda Bishop, Events Coordinator for Plymouth City Centre Company has been in charge of Flavour Fest since 2009, she said: ”The great thing about Flavour Fest is that its energy is contagious. If you’re in Plymouth when it’s on you just can’t help but get involved.” The sights, sounds and smells of Flavour Fest carry to every corner of the city centre drawing crowds hungry to experience the fabulous food and drink on display.

”Flavour Fest now takes over the whole of the Piazza, transforming the space into a bustling, Continental-style market” said Amanda “and this year is bigger and better than ever before, so we’re also using Sundial Square and Place De Brest on Armada Way.” 

All the favourites are back for this year, along with some new elements to whet the appetite and spark the culinary imagination.  

The Food Market

Over 120 local food producers and traders from across the South West will set up shop on Plymouth’s Piazza, selling the very best of regional produce.

You can expect everything from fantastic fruit and veg to outstanding organic meat and everything in between including home baked cakes, artisan bread and pastries, preserves, chutneys, cheeses, beers and wines plus much more. At Flavour Fest you can always try before you buy, so come hungry and ready to sample! 

The Cookery Theatre

Celebrity chefs stand shoulder to shoulder with the best of regional culinary talent on the stage of Flavour Fest’s Cookery Theatre, with a full programme of demonstrations over the three day festival.

Already confirmed are local lads turned celebrity chefs James and Chris Tanner and Master Chef of Great Britain Peter Gorton along with Richard Hunt from The Grand in Torquay, Matt Corner from The View at Whitsand Bay, Richard Valder from Angela’s Restaurant in Exeter, Nick Barclay from The Blue Plate in Looe and Neil Haydock from Watergate Bay’s Hotel and Extreme Academy.

Plus, it wouldn’t be Flavour Fest without our annual Ready Steady Cook competition which this year sees BBC Radio Devon’s Gordon Sparks take on BBC science expert and Tomorrow’s World presenter Adam Hart-Davis, who with the help of a couple of our celebrity chefs will battle it out for the 2011 crown. 

The Food is Fun Pavilion

Sponsored by Castles Kitchens, the Food is Fun Pavilion is designed to get young people cooking from an early age. Face painting and refreshments will jostle with colouring, bread making and other activities to encourage kids to take an interest in what they eat and understand what goes into their food.

Slow Food UK will be running a Taste Adventure and there will be demos, especially tailored for young people, from some of the region’s best chefs.

The Cocktail Marquee

New for this year, the Cocktail Marquee will play host to some of the region’s best mixers and shakers with demos from the best mixologists in the south west, a series of talks on contemporary cocktail making and interactive sessions where you can have a go at mixing your own drink.

Flavour Fest runs from Friday 19th until Sunday 21’st August in Plymouth City Centre

Find Details, travel information and the programme of demos and activities online at:

Twitter @flavourfestsw


Drakes Dragon Encounter

Posted on 11th August 2011 in Plymouth Events

One of the leading business tycoons and Dragon’s den celebrity Deborah Meaden vistited staff and members of the Council today after the Drake’s Circus shopping centre won the Dragon’s Challenge, which was run in conjunction with the Evening Herald.

Mike Jones who’s the general manager of the shopping centre said “We want to pick her brains about how we can tap in to the tourism market and make the best use of how we talk to visitors to our area and attract them to Plymouth,”

This boost to the retailers and the shopping centre in general will only act as a positive to the figures that were provided recently that showed shops  throughout the country saw sales drop by 1.4% in May.

Her visit though was primarily down to the great work that ninteen organisations in Plymouth supported. They all signed up for the Dragon’s Challenge in October last year, all hoping to raise the most money for the national children’s charity.

Drakes Circus efforts contributed to a total cash pot of £42,437.25, of which other fundraisers including Nash & Co solicitors, City College Plymouth, Brittany Ferries, the Holland Inn and Bambinos nursery helped out with.

The money raised was donated to the Child’s Voice Appeal, which supports ChildLine and the NSPCC Helpline.


British Firework Championships 2011

Posted on 9th August 2011 in Plymouth Events


The skies above Plymouth Hoe will be set ablaze with colour on Tuesday 16th and Wednesday 17th August as the British Firework Championships return once more.

Thousands of spectators will head to the hoe and waterfront to see spectacular pyrotechnic displays by some of the best firework companies in the UK as they battle it out for the coveted title of British Champion.

This year the teams will be competing on two fronts, firstly for the 2011 title but also to return for the 2012 Champion of Champions event, where winners from previous years are invited back to compete.

The two-day internationally renowned event, jointly organised by Plymouth City Council and The Event Services Association (TESA) is now an integral part of the city’s annual events calendar and the Plymouth Summer Festival.

The Hoe provides a magnificent venue for the competition, offering a superb vantage point and spectacular backdrop for the displays. There are also good views from Madeira Road and the Barbican.

In the build-up to the event, there will be a fairground, catering outlets and a bar on the Hoe. In addition, a smaller version of the London Eye is available for ‘flights.’

The draw has taken place to choose the competitors and firing order so we’ll see you in Plymouth!

Plymouth Americas Cup £10m Boost

Posted on 8th August 2011 in Plymouth Events

The international sailing event The America’s Cup could generate £10m for Plymouth when it comes to the city, the council has said.

The city will host the second round of the series between 10 to 18 September.

The authority said: “The teams alone will require about 700 beds for 20 days which is an estimated £1.2m for the local economy.”

Plymouth City Council said it could not disclose the amount the event was costing it.

It said “significant private sector contributions had been made” towards the event, which will be held in Plymouth for the first time.

Devon-based sailor Conrad Humphries, who has organised sailing events in the past, estimated it could cost the council about £200,000 for paying the organising authority, marketing, and specific projects.

“It is incredible value,” he said.

The Portuguese town of Cascais is currently staging the event before the teams head to Plymouth.

The final leg of the qualifying event is due to be held in San Diego, California, between October and December.

It’s also a great opportunity for estate agents in Plymouth to show potential visitors property for sale and rent in Plymouth, some are already booked out with viewings.